Our Objective

To provide safe blood products at a minimum community share.
To give free-of-cost supportive treatment to β-thalassemia major patients..

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Our Vision

To be recognized as the most compassionate, ethical, accessible, and best quality health care provider in the field of Hematology, Blood Banking..

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Our Mission

The mission of Muhammadi Welfare foundation is to provide safe blood transfusion services and diagnostic facilities without discrimination of cast and creed..

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About us


Contribute to Muhammadi Welfare Foundation in saving lives. Muhammadi Blood Bank Karachi, Thalassemia Centre, Laboratory Diagnostic Services, and Institute of Hematology are the projects of the Muhammadi Welfare Foundation, registered through the Society act 1860 with the Government of Pakistan.

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Dynamic Divisions


Healthy and tested blood bags issued.


State-of-the-art & Fully Equipped branches operating, nation wide.


major and minor thalassemic patients are treating as free of cost.

Proudly Certified with prestigious authorities.

Muhammadi Welfare Foundation has achieved a significant milestone by earning certification from the nation’s most prestigious authorities. This recognition reflects their unwavering commitment to ensuring the safety and availability of life-saving blood products for the community. With the certification bestowed by the nation’s foremost experts, this blood bank stands as a beacon of trust and reliability, setting the highest standards in blood collection, processing, and distribution. Their dedication to stringent quality control measures and rigorous protocols has solidified their position as a cornerstone in the nation’s healthcare infrastructure, a place where donors and recipients can have complete confidence in the life-affirming services they provide.

Donate Generously, Fundrise For Grow

Muhammadi Blood Bank Karachi, Thalassemia Centers, Laboratory & Diagnostic Services, and Institute of Hematology are the successful running programs of Mohammadi Welfare Foundation, a non-profitable organization registered with the Government of Pakistan through the Society act 1860. Help Muhammadi Welfare Foundation in serving Humanity. Muhammadi Blood Bank Karachi (M.B.B.) provides safe blood services in Karachi, Thatta, Multan, and Skardu. M.B.B. was established two decades before to provide safe blood without discrimination of caste and creed. Please support us!

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Recent news & activities

Celebrating World Blood Donor Day

On the occasion of World Blood Donation Day, a blood donation camp was organized by Muhammadi Blood Bank and Thalassemia…

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MoU Signing Ceremony B/W UOK & MBB

Quisque rutrum aenean imperdiet etiam ultricies nisi vel augue. Curabitur ullamcorper ultricies nisi nam eget dui etiam ultricies.

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World Blood Donor Day MWF Head Office

On June 14th we observe the World Blood Donor Day. Join us to save lives by donating blood this day, On June 14th we observe the…

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