Obituary of Prof. Dr. Muhammad Usman

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Usman (1978 – 2021) was Executive Medical Director of Muhammadi Welfare Foundation. He was born on 28th February 1978 in Karachi. He had done M. Sc., M. Phil & Ph. D. in Hematology from Baqai Medical University. He was a fellow of Institute of Biomedical Sciences, UK. He joined Muhammadi Welfare Foundation as Executive Medical Director in 2012. He was the author of 2 monologs, and 30 research articles in both national and international journals. He was the Executive member of Thalassemia Federation of Pakistan. He supervised 10 M. Phil, 1 M.S, and 2 Ph. D. programs. He died on 19th September 2021 at the age of 43 due to respiratory failure as a complication of COVID 19 infection. His sudden death was a great loss for his faculty and staff to whom he was their mentor. He was a very compassionate, energetic, and visionary Team Leader of Muhammadi Welfare Foundation throughout his service. May Allah bless him with highest place in Jannah for his good deeds!

Obituary of Mr. Akbar Kamani (Late)

Late Akbar Kamani was the founder member of Muhammadi Welfare Foundation. He was a renowned social worker and a very visionary person. He played a pivotal role in the establishment of Muhammadi Blood Bank in 2003 to ensure safe blood transfusion practices in Karachi. He was a very empathetic, spirited, and kind hearted person. May Allah bless his with highest place in Jannah for his good deeds!