Muhammadi Blood Bank (MBB) is providing safe blood services in Karachi, Thatta, Multan and Skardu. MBB is established two decades before with an aim to provide safe blood without discrimination of cast and creed. In Karachi we are working in Pakistan’s largest cardiovascular hospital i.e. NICVD from last fifteen years. MBB central branch is established at Britto road near Numaish Chorangi that is working for blood bank, thalassemia center and institute of hematology and blood transfusion. MBB is also providing blood bank services in Creek General Hospital Korangi, United hospital Shaheed-e-Milat road and Usman Memorial Hospital, Husainabad, Karachi. We are proud to provide safe blood with sound quality that include Blood grouping on Tube method, cross match on Gel card system, Blood screening for Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV/AIDS, Syphilis using most advance ElectroChemiLuminescence (ECLIA) technology on complete automation Cobas E-411, Germany and Malarial parasite screening on chromatography and peripheral blood morphology both. MBB is maintaining cold chain supply of blood through our registered volunteer blood donors and regular blood camps.


Thalassemia is the most common genetic disorder across the globe. In Pakistan beta thalassemia is common. Beta thalassemia is an inherited disorder and mode of inheritance is autosomal recessive. The frequency of beta thalassemia minor is 6 – 7 % in Pakistani population i.e. seven individuals out of hundred have beta thalassemia gene. Because of this high frequency of beta thalassemia gene in our population the propagation of beta thalassemia gene in homozygous state (beta thalassemia major) is not uncommon. According to Thalassemia Federation of Pakistan there is 5000 – 9000 child births annually with beta thalassemia major in Pakistan.

Muhammadi Blood Bank & Thalassemia Centre keeping in view all these situations has been established as a non-profitable organization with a mission to provide exemplary care in diagnosis, treatment and prevention of blood related diseases. There are two Muhammadi Thalassemia center in Sindh; one at Creek General Hospital, a teaching hospital of United Medical College and second Central Branch at Britto road, near Numaish Chorangi. We are providing free of cost supportive treatment to beta thalassemia major patients that include safe blood transfusion, iron chelation, laboratory diagnosis, all medications, doctors monitoring and even transport to these poor patients. Along with treatment, our mission is to create awareness among the population regarding thalassemia so as to eliminate beta thalassemia major free Pakistan.

Muhammadi Laboratory Diagnostic Services (MLDS) is providing cost effective diagnostic laboratory facilities with centralized MIS system. MLDS is providing services in routine hematology, routine chemistry, clinical microbiology, special hematology, special chemistry, histopathology and chemical pathology with state of the art updated automatic equipments. MLDS is providing molecular biology facilities (PCR) on complete automation for diagnosis of different infectious disorders like hepatitis C etc. MLDS is also providing molecular genetic of different genetic disorder like thalassemia, coagulopathies etc. MLDS is also providing Covid-19 (Corona) testing through identification by PCR and antibodies IgG/IgM through serology.


Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion is established at Muhammadi central branch situated at Britto road near Numaish Chorangi. This institute is offering six month certificate course of blood bank and medical laboratory (recognized by Sindh Faculty) that able individual to work in professional lab as laboratory assistants. Institute is also offering one year diploma program in same specialties that able individual as trained laboratory technicians. Institute in affiliation with Baqai Medical University; Karachi is providing RND facilities up to molecular level and many post graduate medical students are enrolled in Baqai Medical University in M.Phil. and PhD (Hematology) programs. Institute is also involved to spread awareness through awareness programs and workshops regarding safe blood and blood diseases with the help of in-house sound faculty and guest speakers.


Our Mission

The mission of Muhammadi Welfare foundation is to provide safe blood and best diagnostic facilities without discrimination of cast and creed with best quality at minimum community share. Our aim to treat and prevent the blood diseases and transfusion transmitted diseases such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C and thalassemia. We keen to spread knowledge regarding hematology and transfusion medicine with the help of Institute.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to recognize Muhammadi Welfare Foundation as one of the best healthcare institution in Pakistan, especially in the field of Hematology, Blood Banking, Transfusion Medicine, Thalassemia supportive and prevention program, Laboratory Diagnostics and Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion. We strongly believe to be known in the society as most compassionate, ethical, accessible and best quality health care provider that shall meet or exceed the needs and expectations of our patients.